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Uzbekistan TIHE-2023

2023-07-10 10:44:09

In the face of the increasingly competitive medical market and the complex and changeable external environment, “SANQIANG MEDICAL” has always insisted on stabilizing the domestic market with outstanding product quality and at the same time. And in order to avoid being blindsided , we will focus on overseas medical are to compete for overseas markets, expand the influence of the “SANQIANG” brands, and continue to increase the company’s pace of overseas inspections and exhibitions.

Therefore, as soon as the domestic epidemic control was over, SANQIANG MEDICAL focused on TIHE-2023 – the largest medical equipment exhibition in Central Asia – and dispatched special personnel to conduct market research to ensure fast and accurate results: “Grasp the development trend of foreign markets and realize the true sense of enterprise empowerment”

Sanqiang Medical Equipment , sterilization ,CSSD

➣ The main contents of this trip are:

<Booth research>: positioning of the local medical market, exhibitors’ attendance at the exhibition, and classification of exhibited products.

Sanqiang Medical Equipment , sterilization ,CSSD

➢ Exact customer visits:

On-site visits to cooperative companies/hospitals to learn from and analyze the medical situation in their own country.

Understand the business model of hospitals in Uzbekistan more quickly and efficiently,

Make sufficient preparations in advance for SANQIANG Medical Equipment to enter the local market in the future.

Sanqiang Medical Equipment , sterilization ,CSSD

●●●“WISE – Observe the trend, WIN – Control all”●●●

Only by grasping the laws of change and development and examining the overall situation and details can we objectively analyze our own position;

Only by grasping the reality and following the open market in time can we seize the opportunity to seize the dividends of the sterilization equipment market.


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