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The 87th CMEF in 2023

2023-07-21 10:29:36

Sanqiang medical made a brilliant appearance at the 87th CMEF China International Medical Device Expo in 2023.

A series of products, including the overall solutions of disinfection supply centers, endoscopic cleaning centers, pharmaceutical sterilization solutions, and hospital purification engineering solutions, were exhibited in the exhibition.

New technologies and products were introduced to assist industrial development and residents’ health.

Sanqiang medical companies exhibited low-temperature sterilization equipment, including hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer, low-temperature Peracetic acid sterilizer, low-temperature formaldehyde sterilizer, and ethylene oxide sterilizer. High temperature sterilizer: pulsating vacuum steam sterilizer. Cleaning equipment: equipment such as instrument washer disinfector and endoscopic washer disinfector.

It has attracted numerous customers from countries such as China, Russia, Thailand,Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and South Korea.


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