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Details of Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

2021-03-31 15:29:23

The disinfection supply center is the central processing department of the hospital that cleans, disinfects and sterilizes instruments, articles, pipelines and other items. It is an important link in controlling hospital infections and ensuring the quality of medical care, and plays an extremely important role in the infection control system.

The design of the disinfection supply center must follow the principles of reasonable and clear layout, scientific and strict division, to provide hospitals with effective aseptic supply solutions, and to realize the professional, informatized, and scientific management of the disinfection supply center. Providing excellent overall equipment, reasonable building layout, and scientific work flow for the disinfection supply center is conducive to the scientific development of the hospital disinfection center and plays an important role in the field of infection control.

Follow the principle that items are not crossed or flowed back from dirty to clean, equipment and facilities between areas are relatively independent, and there are physical barriers between areas;

In accordance with the operation process of recycling → sorting → cleaning → disinfection → drying → inspection → packaging → sterilization → storage → distribution,

The four areas of the disinfection supply center: decontamination area (work area), inspection and packaging sterilization area (work area), sterile material storage area (work area), office area (auxiliary area) are designed with a more reasonable plane process, four The area distribution is reasonable, the four flows (people flow, goods flow, contaminated goods flow, sterile goods flow) do not flow backward, do not cross, and the flow is clear and reasonable.

1. Introduction to decontamination area:

It is a working area where all kinds of contaminated materials are concentrated. The main function is to classify, count, clean, disinfect, and dry the recycled reusable contaminated items, and clean the contaminated items after decontamination and cleaning. Including cleaning room, water making room, recycling vehicle storage cleaning room, personnel entering and exiting buffer room, etc.

basic configuration:

Fully automatic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, medical drying cabinet, water treatment system, dirt receiving table, dirt cleaning tank, cleaning workbench, sealed recycling vehicle, high-pressure cleaning water gun, eyewash, and trolley cleaning machine.

2. Check the introduction of packaging sterilization area:

It is the working area where the staff prepare the sterilized items.

The staff in this area shall inspect all the instruments in terms of clean quality and functional integrity, and package and sterilize after confirming that they are qualified. Including dressing making room, inspection and packaging room, high temperature sterilization area, low temperature sterilization area, personnel entry and exit buffer room, etc. basic configuration:

Pulsating vacuum sterilizer, medical boiling sterilizer, equipment inspection packing table, dressing making packing table, equipment inspection magnifying glass, medical sealing machine, high pressure air gun, equipment cabinet, air compressor.

3. Introduction to the sterile storage area:

The area for storing, keeping, and distributing sterile items and disposable items is a clean area. Including sterile material storage area, sterile material distribution area, and car cleaning storage area.

basic configuration:

Flat shelves, basket shelves, equipment cabinets, sealed delivery cars, trolley washing machines.

4. Office area (auxiliary area):

It is a place where the staff of the disinfection supply center work, rest, and are on duty. A reasonable layout can enable the staff to have a good rest after stressful work, and greatly improve the work efficiency of the disinfection supply center. Including offices, duty rooms, changing rooms, rest rooms, toilets, etc. (CSSD)


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