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3 Steps To Select The Correct Size ETO Sterilizer

2021-03-30 14:37:07

The short-term uncontrollable Covid-19 pandemic has made masks an indispensable daily protective equipment. Generally speaking, civilian masks used by non-medical personnel are sufficient and do not need to buy KN95 or N95 .Surgical face mask certainly need EO sterilization after produced , Henan Sanqiang Medical Equipment is a China manufacturer specializing in the production of medical sterilization equipment. It has ten years of R&D and production experience in this industry. Below we use a professional perspective to explain 3 steps to choose a suitable size EO mask sterilizer.

The first step: to confirm the actual output of sterile masks, this is a crucial step

Masks consist of a 3Ply shell and ear loops, two main parts, some old-fashioned production lines, masks and ear loops are not completed on a fully automatic production line. The processing speed of the ear-loop welding machine is far lower than the output of the 3ply shell machine. So we have to confirm the daily output of the slowest machine on the growth line, not the fastest machine.

Step 2: The packaging size of the mask

Common packaging for masks includes small paper box packaging and plastic bag packaging. Dozens of small packages are put into a large corrugated box. After packaging, the carton is pushed into the ethylene oxide sterilizer for sterilization. Different corrugated box manufacturers have different box specifications. According to the size of the box and the number of masks in a box, it is possible to calculate how many big carton boxes are needed in a working day.

Step 3: Select the volume of the sterilizer

Manufacturers of sterilizers usually say that their machine volume is 10 cubic meters or 20 cubic meters. Some novice buyers will tell the machine sellers that their daily output is about 9 cubic meters, and novice buyers tell the buyer that a 10 cubic meter machine fits perfectly. This calculation is incorrect. they ignore the corrugated box cannot change shape ,neither the machine sterilization room dimension.

A simple and correct calculation is: uppercase letters represent machines, lowercase letters represent boxes

L /l × W/w × H / h

L /l , W/w , H / h The calculated value is only an integer, so that you can know how many boxes the machine can load at a time.

A little tip : The most professional and simple inquiry is : Dear , my factory plan to produce 200,000 masks a day , around 20 cartons , the outside carton size is xxcm X xxcm X xxcm , do you have machine match my demand ?


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