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Product Description

With more than 10 years, we have been trying to fulfill customers’ satisfaction through the means of distinguished features with easy-to-use and strong sterilization efficacy that can be differentiated from conventional product. Central Sterilization Departments and O.R.’s will appreciate the rapid turnaround time and cost-effective, validated, sterilization of moisture and / or heat sensitive devices.


30/ 50  Minutes  Fast sterilization Rectangle Chamber
No special facilities required (Water / vent) Easy to clean and maintain
Low temperature Sterilization NOT  corrosion to materials
 45-55 C working temperature Easy to use sterilization agent capsule
Processes a wide range of surgical instrument High vacuum pump for deep penetration
Compatible with moisture / Ribbon printer Thermal printer for complete cycle information
Environment friendly design Spare parts available in stock
No aeration after sterilization Caster wheels for easy relocation


Models SQ-WD100 SQ-WD135 SQ-WD190
Chamber Volume 100  Liters 135 Liters 190 Liters
Materials 5052 Aluminium
Processing Temperature Below 55°C
Control System Siemens PLC
Display 7” Touch Screen
Printer Ribbon printer
Touch Screen Functions Phase Temperature Date and time Cycle Selected Alert message
Data Storage Memory Card
Total Cycle Time Short cycle  30 minutes long cycle 50 minutes lumen cycle 60 minutes
Noise < 60 db
Door Automatic lift door
Alarm Door Lock Power Failure Low / High Temp. range Vacuum & Pressure
Peripheral Devices Biological Incubator
Power Consumption 3.4 KVA 3.5 KVA 4.3 KVA
Power Supply AC(220±22)V,(50±1)Hz
Mobility 4 Wheels
Standards NP EN ISO 9001:2000,  EN ISO 13485:2016 EN ISO 14937, EN 61010-2-040, EN 61010-2-042

Process  Monitoring :

Equipped with Siemens PLC unit and HMI control system, which features simple operation of the units; furthermore, these also offer effective monitoring and control. These systems come with:

  • Easy to read touch screen
  • User-friendly interface indicating cycle stage and elapsed time


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