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Plasma Chemical strip


Verify that the sterilization conditions are met during the sterilization process, such as temperature, pressure , timing and other sterilization factors


1.The color block changes obviously before and after sterilization, which is easy to identify

2.Water Water-based Ink , non-toxic , Environmentally friendly

3.The indicator color printed firmly , not melt and drop off during sterilization

Plasma tape


Sealing of flexible packaging materials such as non-woven fabrics, and visually display whether items have been sterilized.


1.The color contrast is clear and obvious before and after sterilization

2.Marking on the tape is OK

3.Easy to tear, without leaving any residual glue

4.The indicating color block is printed firmly fall off during sterilization.

Plasma Tyvek Pouch Reel


Specification unit Weight (kg) unit Box Size
75mm×100m/roll 1.05 20x20x8.5cm
100mm×100m/roll 1.4 20x20x11cm
150mm×100m/roll 2.1 20x20x16cm
200mm×100m/roll 2.8 20x20x21cm
250mm×100m/roll 3.5 20x20x26cm
300mm×100m/roll 4.2 20x20x31cm


The packaging of metal, plastic and other medical materials sterilized by hydrogen peroxide .


1.Non-toxic water-based ink,color change clear and stable display, no melt.

2.Three explosion-proof edge technology can effectively prevent rupture

3.After hydrogen peroxide sterilization, the indicator blue color block changed pink .


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