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About EO Sterilizer

Ethylene oxide gas is an effective sterilant  that can disrupt the DNA of bacteria, micro-organisms thus stop them to reproduce in the product.The ethylene oxide sterilizer is essentially a container that provides temperature, humidity, pressure, and time. It provides a perfect independent room for the ethylene oxide gas ,where EO gas kill all the bacterial deadly without corrosive to metal, rubber ,plastic and glass materials .


Control system PLC unit and 7 “ touch screen
Sterilization chamber 5052 Aluminium, has better thermal conductivity than stainless steel
Vacuum  system High-performance, low-noise, oil-free vacuum pump
Built-in printer Thermal printer
Humidity system Use saturated steam to humidify the sterilization chamber, and the air humidity is more uniform
Timing system EO gas diffusion time and residual EO aeration timing settable
Pre-set  Standard Sterilization Mode and Residual Washing


Model SQ-XH120 SQ-XH220
Capacity   120  Liter 220  Liter
Sterilizing temperature 36-55 C  adjustable
Sterilizing Time 8-10 Hours  , depends on materials
Sterilization Method Low temperature , gas sterilization .
Display LCD screen  , Soft touch operate key
Safety Features Temperature and Pressure protection
Tray 2  stainless net tray
Voltage 220V, 50Hz
Data Review Thermal mini-printer and USB port (download)
EO gas 100% Pure EO gas cartridge

How to Operate


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