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Product Description

SQ-M series pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer uses three pulsating vacuum, so that high temperature steam can fully penetrate into the instrument, to achieve thorough sterilization and disinfection. The product is suitable for sterilization of all kinds of surgical instruments (hollow instruments, solid instruments), dressings, injection instruments and other heat-resistant and moisture-resistant medical instruments and articles in medical institutions.

Working Principle

Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer uses pulsating vacuum technology, and generates high temperature steam in the sterilization room through heating and humidification, so that the high temperature steam can go deep inside the instrument, and the principle of high temperature steam sterilization can be used to thoroughly sterilize and disinfect objects


Model SQ-M100    SQ-M200
Sterilization Class European Class B standard  Autoclave
Capacity 100  liters    200   liters
Sterilizing temperature 121°C,134°C
Pre-set mode Metal ,  Fabric , Rubber  , Drying
Dry procedure Vacuum drying
Display LCD screen  ,  touch screen
Test program Bowie & Dick test,  Vacuum test
Safety Features Safe Valve Double-control lock system and self-test alarm system
Water supply system distilled water steam  generator ,  tap water machine cooling system
Capacity of steam generator 5  L
Instrument container rack with 2 trays
Voltage 380 V±10%, 50Hz
Printer and USB Port Print by integrated thermal mini-printer and download from USB port ( Sterilizing data)

Technical Parameter:

Adopts European Class B standard Excellent vacuum dry effect
Automatic water filling option Built-in steam generator
High quality stainless steel chamber Meets European Standard EN 13060
Stainless steel 304  chamber 7 “ color LCD touch interface
Descriptive indicators and alarms Independent Pressure Gauge, Alarms on LCD display
Built-in printer Mini thermal printer , record sterilization process parameter
Over heat protection Double locking system ensures safety
Time saving : The drying process is quick which adds to the convenience of the users.
Energy saving : As the drying process is optimized; it results in the saving of the energy.
Water saving : The autoclave requires only 500 ml of water to operate.


  • The shape of the sterilizer should be correct and neat, without obvious skew, burr and corrosion defects.
  • The available space of the sterilizer should be able to place one or more sterilizing units.
  • Vacuum system for air removal and drying, the maximum vacuum degree should be able to reach the relative pressure -80kPa and above.
  • The automatic control system of sterilizer should be able to preset one or more sterilization cycles.
  • There should be "solid instruments, excipient packaging, rubber type and custom mode".
  • The lower limit of sterilization temperature range is sterilization temperature, and the upper limit should not exceed sterilization temperature +3℃.
  • The sterilizer shall not have abnormal noise during normal operation during the sterilization cycle, and the noise shall not be greater than 85dB (A weight).


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