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How the machine works

A Vacuum Autoclave is a technologically innovated device used for the sterilizing of the medical & dental equipment. In this device, saturated steam at high pressure is being typically applied for approximately 20 minutes for sterilizing purpose. The temperature inside the chamber is as high as 134 degree Celsius.

Vacuum autoclave has got the capacity of neutralizing the potentially infectious agents by the usage of super heated water and pasteurized steam.

The autoclave work on the principle of pre and post vacuum technology, where a vacuum pump is fitted in the unit for air removal. Ensure not cold air and wet hot air inside chamber ,keep the sterilized items total dry , not happen wet bag again,especially for dressing packed tools and dressing .


Adopts European Class B standard Excellent vacuum dry effect
Automatic water filling option Built-in steam generator
High quality stainless steel chamber Meets European Standard EN 13060
Stainless steel 304  chamber 7 “ color LCD touch interface
Descriptive indicators and alarms Independent Pressure Gauge, Alarms on LCD display
Built-in printer Mini thermal printer , record sterilization process parameter
Over heat protection Double locking system ensures safety
Time saving : The drying process is quick which adds to the convenience of the users.
Energy saving : As the drying process is optimized; it results in the saving of the energy.
Water saving : The autoclave requires only 500 ml of water to operate.


Model SQ-MT-100    SQ-MT-200
Sterilization     Class European Class B standard  Autoclave
Capacity 100  liters    200   liters
Sterilizing temperature 121°C,134°C
Pre-set mode Metal ,  Fabric , Rubber  , Drying
Dry procedure Vacuum drying
Display LCD screen  ,  touch screen
Test program Bowie & Dick test,  Vacuum test
Safety Features Safe Valve Double-control lock system and self-test alarm system
Water supply system distilled water steam  generator ,  tap water machine cooling system
Capacity of steam generator 5  L
Instrument container rack with 2 trays
Voltage 380 V±10%, 50Hz
Printer and USB Port Print by integrated thermal mini-printer and download from USB port ( Sterilizing data)


No Item Model:SQ-Z0.25
1 Chamber size(L*W*H) 700*600*600mm
2 Overall size(L*W*H) 895*1220*1720mm
3 Working temperature 100~134℃
4 Design pressure 0.245Mpa,
5 Chamber material Thickness:8mm,material:SUS316L
6 Temperature equilibrium ≤±1℃
7 PT100 thermocouple 2 pcs
8 Time set 0~999min,adjustable
9 Electricity supply 24kw,380V,50Hz,3 phase 4 wires
10 Pure water supply(0.4~0.6Mpa) Pipe diameter:DN15,25 kg/cycle
11 tap water supply(0.2~0.3Mpa) Pipe diameter:DN15,200 kg/cycle
12 compressed air supply(0.6~0.8Mpa) Diameter:φ6mm,0.1m³/cycle
13 Net weight 650kg


Class B autoclave sterilizers manufactured by us are successfully working in many Government Hospitals, research labs and Universities ,due to simple operation , practical and perfect Class B sterilization features.


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