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  • Sanqiang Medical AWE26-R Endoscope Washer-disinfector Provide automaticwashing , cleaning , disinfection , drying for your flexible endoscope
  • Automated cleaning and disinfection cycles significantly reduce the time andimprove the quality of flexible endoscope treatment .
  • Comprehensive compatibility with Olympus , Pentax , Fujifilm , Sonoscapeand other brands


HIGH CLEANING EFFICIENCY The whole process takes only 10min, shortening the washing and decontamination cycle and improving efficiency
10 INCH TOUCH SCREEN Program running time, functional process, fault alarm and fault prompt display
ELECTRIC FOOT CONTACT SWITCH Avoid secondary pollution to the endoscope by manually removing the cover
SELF DISINFECTION FUNCTION Self disinfection function to avoid secondary infection of endoscope during final washing
REAL TIME STATUS MONITORING Visual and status alarm are convenient to check the operation of equipment at any time
CONVENIENT OPERATION The equipment completes the process from water inlet to drying the pipeline by itself; No manual operation is required in the whole process


Type endoscope washer
Instrument classification: Class II
Chamber size 465*390*142 MM
Power 600W
Display 7'' LCD touch screen
Weight 75KG
Size 550*660*940 MM
Material PMMA/SUS304


Fully automatic integrated endoscope cleaning and disinfection machine Solve the risk of nosocomial infection and pathogenic infection of medical staff in Yangzhong due to the large number of patients in the hospital, the frequency of patient endoscopy is too high, the cleaning and disinfection time is insufficient, and the disinfection is not complete, and it can achieve complete automation and standardization requirements.


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