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Pulsating vacuum sterilizer is strictly designed and manufactured in accord with GMP technical Standard. has been certified compliant with the ISO 9001 standard and the ISO 13485 standard. Moreover, the sterilizers presented here are designed and manufactured in compliance with China Pressure Equipment Directive – GB150.


Sterilization, i.e., the exposure of the product to a constant temperature, is the most critical phase of the entire process and is adjusted on the basis of the pressure of the pure steam measured inside the chamber by a pressure transducer, with constant monitoring of the temperature.This type of control is based on the principle that the pressure of water steam, in saturation conditions, has a one-to-one correlation to its temperature, according to the values stored inside the process controller.The advantage of this control principle is that while the pressure inside a closed vessel, such as the chamber of a sterilizer, is always uniform and therefore pressure measurement is independent of the location of the sensor, the temperature, depending on various conditions and characteristics of the machine, may vary over a relatively wide real tolerance range (although this is not always noticeable by analyzing the process documentation).Another advantage of pressure-control is that, thanks to the features of the process controller software, the appropriate programming of the controller allows to immediately detect abnormal operating conditions, if the steam is not in saturation conditions. The sterilization process adjusted in this manner is therefore monitored by Pt 100 (RTD), one of which is installed in a fixed position at the drain trap of the chamber, which is theoretically the coldest point of the chamber.


No Item Model:SQ-Z0.25
1 Chamber size(L*W*H) 700*600*600mm
2 Overall size(L*W*H) 895*1220*1720mm
3 Working temperature 100~134℃
4 Design pressure 0.245Mpa,
5 Chamber material Thickness:8mm,material:SUS316L
6 Temperature equilibrium ≤±1℃
7 PT100 thermocouple 2 pcs
8 Time set 0~999min,adjustable
9 Electricity supply 24kw,380V,50Hz,3 phase 4 wires
10 Pure water supply(0.4~0.6Mpa) Pipe diameter:DN15,25 kg/cycle
11 tap water supply(0.2~0.3Mpa) Pipe diameter:DN15,200 kg/cycle
12 compressed air supply(0.6~0.8Mpa) Diameter:φ6mm,0.1m³/cycle
13 Net weight 650kg


Sterilization chamber: The pressure vessel of the sterilizer is constituted by a double-walled chamber.The internal chamber is made of SUS316L stainless steel, whichis mirror-finished (Ra δ 0.4 µm) in order to ensure that it can be cleaned and sterilized and in order to increase its resistance to corrosion.

A full dimpled jacket is provided wrapping around the chamber.It is made of 304 stainless steel plate and covers the outer surface of the internal chamber substantially completely to avoid steam condensation and facilitate, and proper temperature distribution. which can be peripherally heated uniformly, preventing material from non-uniform heating.

The insulating layer is made by aluminium silicate which is the best insulating material, and the equipment is rectangular, having stainless steel decorating cover

Doors: The autoclave is designed as pass-through (double door is interlock).The door is hinge type and automatic pneumatic locking.

The door seal is the inflatable type, pressurized with compressed air, and can withstand the chamber temperature and pressure.

  • Sterilization cycle can start only after the door is fully closed and locked.
  • Supply with instrument-grade compressed air: thanks to the special cross-section, the compression fluid cannot escape toward the sterilization chamber, compromising the sterility of the chamber and of its contents.
  • No vacuum: thanks to the specifically designed cross-section and to the mechanical characteristics of the material of the gasket (silicone rubber), the door can be opened simply by discharging the compression fluid, as this makes the gasket retract uniformly into its seat.
  • Simple maintenance: no periodic lubrication or maintenance is required, except for ordinary cleaning of the surfaces and removal of any foreign objects that might be squashed between the gasket and the door;
  • Safety: electromechanical and electronic safety interlocks managed by the process controller prevent the opening of the door if the gasket is still pressurized and/or if there are conditions entailing danger for the operator and/or the load Pipeline system:It is consisted of water pump,vacuum pump,air filter,steam trap,pressure controller,etc.
  • Valve: The valves used are of the pneumatic valve. Ten years’experience in designing these components for the specific application has allowed to optimize system solutions related to the hydraulic system, providing solutions characterized by minimal dimensions, optimum functionality, and minimum and easy maintenance.
  • Air filter:in order to ensure the required counter pressure or to restore atmospheric pressure, by passing through a sterilizing filter, which has an absolute retention of 0.22um.The basic configuration uses a PALL filter.
  • Vacuum pump: the water ring pump continues to aspirate through an adjustable intake even during the steam injection and sterilization phases. The steam releases heat by condensing, consequently releasing latent heat. By constantly draining the condensate that forms in the chamber through a valve that has a small cross-section, a dynamic condition is ensured which allows a more uniform (indirect) adjustment of the sterilization temperature, which leads to extremely small temperature differences and prevents the accumulation inside the chamber of condensate and of any incondensable gases present in the steam.

    Control system: PLC+ HMI + Micro-printer.

  • When automatic controller in the failure of the circumstances, the security device makes the sterilization indoor pressure safety in the pressure of the atmosphere to the back of the state, and allow the loading door can be opened.
  • In order to maintenance, test and emergency needs, manual operation can be through the use of access control tools to complete.
  • The master controller system:3 level password.The adminstrator can set the user(engineer and operator) name and password.
  • Touch screen: display work process parameters and sterilization cycle state, the operation is convenient.The engineer can modify the parameters,including the temperature,time,program name,vacuumize times,etc.


The autoclave control with optional automatic operation or manual operation.

The equipment operate and control the following process cycle:

CYCLE 1- Vacuum test – a test of air permeability of the chamber

CYCLE 2- Vented Liquid product –heating(steam into chamber continuous), sterilization,cooling slowly

CYCLE 3- Porous products solids sterilization(cloth and tools). Initial pulsed vacuum,sterilization,drying by vacuum.


Medium and big scale hospitals who have large amount metal , fabric items processing everyday .


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