What are the use characteristics of ethylene oxide sterilizer?

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Ethylene oxide sterilizer is a low temperature sterilization method widely used in the medical field. Many hospitals or disinfection centers will use this method to sterilize medical equipment. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the use characteristics of ethylene oxide sterilizer:

What are the use characteristics of ethylene oxide sterilizer?

1. As a medical sterilization equipment, ethylene oxide sterilizer adopts ethylene oxide as the sterilization method. Epoxy resin is a broad-spectrum sterilant that can kill various microorganisms at normal temperature, including Bacillus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. To a certain extent, it can ensure that the instrument has reached a sterile level.

2. Compared with other models, the capacity of the sterilization chamber of ethylene oxide sterilizer is larger, and the number of simultaneous sterilization is greater. After sterilization, the built-in ventilation device automatically starts, reducing the possibility of exposure to air.

3. The optional remote control operation panel ensures the safety of the operator and facilitates the operator to set the program.

4. Can record, control and provide proper humidity for each batch of load. 5. The cost of each sterilization cycle is low, which is a low-cost sterilization method with high cost performance.

   The above introduction is the use advantages of ethylene oxide sterilizer, but it also has certain use problems: ethylene oxide itself has certain toxicity, how to reduce or avoid its residue is more difficult to control for the current technology.

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