What are the daily inspections of low temperature plasma sterilizers?

2020-8-12       page view: 1008

Low-temperature plasma sterilizers are currently commonly used in hospitals and other places for sterilization equipment, because of its fast sterilization speed, clean sterilization and other reasons are popular in the medical industry. However, when some people are not familiar with the operation when using low-temperature plasma sterilizers, they often have incomplete sterilization after the sterilization work is completed. How to solve this situation?

First of all, before using a low-temperature plasma sterilizer for sterilization, we must ensure that it can be used normally, and secondly, we should check each sterilization component to avoid the problem of unclean sterilization caused by some operational reasons.

     For example, after the sterilization using a low temperature plasma sterilizer is completed, we need to check the use of its sterilizing agent. The same low temperature plasma sterilizer after use also needs to implement some basic specifications, and for The use of current low-temperature plasma sterilizers must also ensure basic efficiency, so it is necessary to pull out the basket to check whether the sterilization package is clean, complete and damaged. Check whether the chemical indicator strip outside the package and the chemical indicator card inside the package are qualified, and then use a clean cloth to wipe the appearance of the low temperature plasma sterilizer.

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