The advantages of using low temperature plasma sterilizer cabinet?

2020-7-2       page view: 1008

The so-called low temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization cabinet uses a low-temperature mode, then a plasma item to sterilize, and plasma is a basic kind in nature except solid, liquid and gas. The fourth form, what are advantages of using low temperature plasma disinfection cabinets? Is it safe or can it achieve disinfection? Look at the relevant introduction of the editor.

Low temperature plasma sterilization equipment is in a sterilization chamber formed by a sealed container. According to preset conditions and specific equipment, this low-temperature plasma sterilization cabinet is based on the inherent characteristics of plasma, under low temperature (below 60 ℃) and vacuum state, because of the low temperature The use of plasma disinfection cabinets can stimulate the glow discharge to form low-temperature plasma, and then use low temperature plasma to do some basic uses; in fact, the application of low temperature plasma sterilizer cabinets can not only reduce the health hazards faced by medical staff. The burden of environmental pollution can also save a lot of disinfection costs for medical institutions. It is a high-quality and cost-effective disinfection equipment.

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