Understand the disinfection capacity of ethylene oxide sterilizer

2020-7-2       page view: 1008

     Ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet, as a kind of disinfection and sterilization equipment commonly used in medical industry, can sterilize and sterilize articles through reasonable application. However, what is the sterilizing capacity of the ethylene oxide(EO) sterilizer? In order to answer the doubts of the majority of users, and in order to let more people understand the role of ethylene oxide sterilization cabinets, our company will mainly introduce the disinfection capabilities of ethylene oxide sterilization cabinets.

      When working with an ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet, the main sterilization medium used is ethylene oxide gas. The ethylene oxide gas has a strong sterilization power and a wide sterilization spectrum. It can kill various microorganisms including bacterial spores. Disinfectant. Most items that are not suitable for general disinfection can be disinfected with ethylene oxide and low temperature plasma. Ethylene oxide is one of the main low temperature disinfection methods. Ethylene oxide gas has strong penetrating power and can sterilize the packaged items.

      Ethylene oxide can be used for the disinfection of almost all medical supplies, but it is not suitable for the disinfection of foods, liquids, greases, talc and animal feed. Packaging materials suitable for ethylene oxide sterilization include paper, composite dialysis paper, cloth, non-woven fabric, vented rigid container, polyethylene, etc. Packaging materials that cannot be used for ethylene oxide disinfection include metal foil, polyvinyl chloride, and cellophane. Changes in packaging materials should be verified to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the items being sterilized.

     No matter in hospitals, clinics, biological laboratories, etc., in order to avoid a series of changes caused by bacteria, etc., the instruments used are usually sterilized. Ethylene oxide disinfection cabinets are frequently used medical disinfection equipment.

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