Introduction to the sterilization principle and process of pulse vacuum sterilization

2020-8-20       page view: 1008

Pulse vacuum sterilization is a high-temperature steam sterilization method, and steam sterilization is an ancient sterilization method that has been used very early. With the advancement of sterilization technology, high temperature steam sterilization has evolved into a pulse vacuum sterilizer with better sterilization effect. Pulsating vacuum sterilization uses saturated steam as the sterilization medium, and uses mechanical vacuuming to vacuum the air in the sterilization chamber, and then inject steam. When the set pressure and time are not reached, vacuum and Inject steam. When the set temperature and pressure are reached, the organism is accelerated by heat, and the biological protein peptide fragments, destroying the biological enzyme and structural protein, thereby killing the bacteria.

The pulsation vacuum sterilizer is a method of vacuuming the sterilization chamber several times, and then rushing into high-temperature steam multiple times. The cold air in the sterilization chamber is effectively replaced. When the set temperature, humidity and pressure are reached, use High-temperature steam is used for heat sterilization, and the structural proteins composed of bacteria accelerate the movement, and the biological enzymes and structural proteins composed of the bacteria are destroyed, which leads to the death of microorganisms. And under the action of vacuum pressure, the steam can diffuse to the outside and inside of the sterilized product faster, the sterilization is more thorough, and the degree of damage to the sterilized items is small.

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