Full Automatic Ethylene Oxide(EO) Sterilizer

brief introduction: Ethylene oxide sterilizing cabinets are used for the sterilization of articles that are not resistant to high temperatures, moisture, and difficult to penetrate.


Sanqiang ethylene oxide(EO/ETO) sterilizer is a special equipment for low-temperature fumigation and sterilization of articles sealed in the sterilization room under a certain temperature, pressure, humidity and a certain action time with the mixture of pure ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide gas is a very active chemical disinfectant, which can not only achieve broad-spectrum sterilization, but also achieve a reliable sterilization effect.


Simple operation: one-button operation, microcomputer control, simple and convenient, digital display of sterilization process.

Print records: Record and print sterilization information for sterilization process, which is convenient for verification and archiving.

Negative pressure in whole cycle, Ensures EO gas no leakage outside during work.

Safety EO gas punctured device, Inside chamber,no need human intervention

Efficient ventilation system

Airation automatically ensure EO gas exhaust completely


Power supplyAC 220V 50 Hz or AC 110V 60 Hz
LanguageEnglish / Chinese or Spanish/Chinese
CartridgePure EO gas
Capacity•120 Liter Chamber size :70x45x60 cm•190 Liter Chamber size : 82x51x46 cm
Biological incubatorIntegrated incubator operate power supply. Convenient for biological indicator test
Sterilization temperature37-55°C
Control systemBrand PLC , T HMI touch panel The process is fully automatic
RecordBuilt-in thermal printer, real-time print out data USB port available for historical data download
Processing MonitorTemperature, pressure, humidity,alarm info and data during sterilization display on LCD screen.
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Full Automatic Ethylene Oxide(EO) Sterilizer
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