Characteristics of low temperature plasma sterilizer

2020-7-2       page view: 1008

Sterilization technology has always been widely valued. With the rapid development of modern medical technology, the emergence of low temperature plasma sterilizer has achieved an epoch-making leap.

  Microscopic technology, endoscopic technology, and minimally invasive surgery are constantly developing, and new instruments and new instruments are emerging one after another. These new instruments often have high prices and complicated structures. The sterilization of these new instruments is the difficulty of hospital sterilization. Let's take a look at what are the characteristics of low temperature plasma sterilizer.

   1. Decreased equipment damage. The temperature of the low-temperature plasma sterilizer is about 45-60, which is gentle on the metal surface and has little damage to the equipment.

   2. No toxic substances remain on the surface of the device. The latter procedure of the low-temperature plasma sterilizer ionizes toxic hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water without secondary pollution.

   3. Due to the special sterilization principle of the hydrogen peroxide plasma low temperature sterilizer, no hazardous substances remain after the mold cycle is completed, and the sterilized items do not need to be ventilated and can be used after being taken out.

   4. Due to its short sterilization time, the general sterilization time is within 60min, which speeds up the turnover of surgical instruments.

  After reading the above analysis about low temperature plasma sterilizer, do you have more understanding about this instrument now?

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