80L-220L Ethylene Oxide(EO) Sterilizer

brief introduction: Ethylene oxide(EO) sterilizer is 100% ethylene oxide gas as sterilization medium. It has two kind of manual and full automatic control, it is widely used sterilizing in wet heat sensible item, such as surgical precision medical equipment, optical instruments, electric device, plastic and variety of medical products.


Ethylene oxide(ETO/EO) sterilizers to process sensitive instruments which cannot be adequately sterilized by other methods.EO, a potent, anti-microbial agent, can kill all known viruses, bacteria and fungi, annihilating even the most sterilization-resistant types of microorganisms, bacterial spores. Tough on microbes, ethylene oxide still treats most medical materials gently, even with repeated use. The ability to seal items in all-plastic packaging permits sterility maintenance for an indefinite period following gas sterilization.


Electronic equipment, optical equipment, medical equipment, documents, fur, cotton swabs, chemical fibers, plastic products, wood products, ceramics and metal products, endoscopes, dialyzers etc.


Simple operation: one-button operation, microcomputer control, simple and convenient, digital display of sterilization process.
Print records: Record and print sterilization information for sterilization process, which is convenient for verification and archiving.

Negative pressure in whole cycle, Ensures EO gas no leakage outside during work.

Safety EO gas punctured device

Inside chamber,no need human intervention

Efficient ventilation system

Airation automatically ensure EO gas exhaust completely


Power SupplyAC 220V 50 Hz or AC 110V 60 Hz
Process Time5-8 Hours including forced air replacement
Capacity Available80 /120/220/360/460/600/800/1000 Liter
Sterilization Temperature35-55 °C
Sterilization AgentPure EO gas / 80% EO + 20% CO2 Mixture gas
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80L-220L Ethylene Oxide(EO) Sterilizer
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